Ceremony Wine Gift Box with 2 Keepsake Drawers and 2 Crystal Wine Glasses. Includes Padlock and 2 Keys

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  • Special gift for Bride & Groom to open together and enjoy in the future

  • Provide us with the text and/or graphics for the box and glassware or we can design it for you

  • Personalization is included in the price and you have total control over the personalization

  • Personalized Wine Gift Box or Caddy with your choice of Brass or Nickel plated hinges, latch & Padlock

  • Box size approximately in inches is 14.5H x 12W x 4.5D. Wine Glass is a 16 Oz Crystal Chef & Sommelier Cabernet (8.5" Tall by 3.25" in Diameter)

Hand made to order personalized Ceremony Wine Gift Box with 2 small drawers located under the glassware that offer a nice touch for a special note or item. Choose Brass or Nickle plated hinges & latch and includes two 16 OZ personalized Crystal Wine Glasses. This box is designed to fit a standard 750ml bottle provided by you.

Personalization is included in the price and you have total control over the personalization. Send us your artwork or design idea or use our many choices of graphic designs and add your personal message. Either way we will send you a complete mock-up for you to approve before we start on it. Please contact us if you would like some design ideas sent to you.

Price includes text and/or graphic engraving on 1 surface and personalized laser etching on the glassware.

These items are available to add to your cart under Extras icon of my Store.

1) Photo Engraving/Etching

2) Stain and Hi-Gloss finish

3) DVD / Greeting Card Holder mounted to the inside of front cover

4) Additional Surface Engraving

5) Greeting/Message Card Slot

6) Opposite Side Etching on Glassware

Hand made of Baltic Birch, this wood has a light soft look that accents the darker golden brown appearance from the engraving. Each piece is laser cut and then hand sanded to give it a soft smooth feel. This wood actually gets richer looking with age.

Our Wedding Ceremony Box Story.

Before the wedding ceremony, Bride and Groom separately write down their feelings about each other. This is done on the eve of your wedding day. Each letter then gets sealed in its own envelope.

During the ceremony the Bride and Groom put their letters in the box with the wine and lock it.

You set an anniversary to open it. Maybe even engrave the date to be opened on the box. On the day that you open the box, you both read the letters and have a drink, remembering how you both felt just days before your wedding day.

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Sorry alcohol is not included.

Please note we take careful consideration when shipping your item to make sure it arrives to you unbroken. We will replace anything that arrives broken at no charge to you.