Partner with Us

You can bring in extra revenue by offering our personalized gifts to your customers.

Here's how it works:

We set you up with a display of our products at your business.

When a customer shows interest in one of our products, you offer them our printed material with our contact information on it. This material includes your unique promotional code which will give the customer a 10% discount off of our published list prices posted on our website.

When your customer contacts us about our products we will ask them for the promotional code good for 10% off. When they provide us with your unique promotional code you will automatically be sent 20% of anything the customer purchases.

For more information contact us at 877-850-7723 or 425-212-9668.

Brad Raynor

Of course we can make Promotional Gifts for you that keeps your name in front of your customers. We offer custom gifts unique to your company and multiple order discounts are available.





  • Custom Laser & Imprinting Services.
  • Our promotional products keep your name in front of your customer with unique one of a kind items.
  • Unique one of a kind gifts with your own personal touch added to them
  • Browse our inventory and keep an eye out for new unique products.